Justin Snyder

I built my first website when I was 20 years old. I was tired of selling my products door to door and realised the internet provided a worldwide market that I could access from anywhere I had an internet connection. I spent my 20s travelling the world.

I have learnt a lot about what works for customers visually, how to bring traffic to a website and what it takes to be a successful brand. It is my pleasure to share some of my knowledge and expertise with you.

Besides e-commerce, I have a passion for permaculture, martial arts and adventure.

Thanks again! You are a veritable wealth of highly useful information, so I really appreciate your time & absolute willingness to openly help! Not everyone is so genuinely giving of their time & knowledge. Cheers!

Norman Diamond / Diamond Events

I simply explained what I wanted and the T.O.O. team made it happen. It looks so professional and it has really made a difference to my business. Thank you for all you help and I will definitely use you again 🙂

Melina Adelaide / Maximy

Without TakeOffOnline we would still be trying to figure out the world of SEO and online ads for ourselves and failing miserably!

Bridget Cull / AusKungFu